'A Wake In Sacred Waves' is now streaming in its entirety at NO CLEAN SINGING. Click HERE for their review and the exclusive stream.

"The album is an exercise in entrancement and conflagration, terror and transcendence. Crystalline notes and clarion vocals, shimmering cymbals and swirling keyboard layers, drums that thump like a beating heart, flute melodies that capture the fear and wonder of primeval eyes witnessing falling stars in a pitch-black sky… such things can make the music as evanescent and ephemeral as the cascade of northern lights. Echoing, wraithlike peals of the saxophone and eerie arpeggios provide an aura of mystery and mysticism. 

But the music rips and ravages, too. Blazing riffs and growling bass lines, fiery shrieks and clawing rasps, writhing python-thick chords and punishing drum thunder… all those things (and more) cause the music to surge with dark and decimating power. There are extended instrumental jams within the songs that fire the nerves, trigger the muscles, and roil the brain just as effectively as the band send the listener’s mind off into a waking trance."