THE TIME HAS ARRIVED. We present to you our 5th studio full length album "The Endless" to be released August 26th, 2022 courtesy of Profound Lore Records. We are so excited to finally release this into the world! With artwork by the imaginative Reza Afshar, our first single "Midnight Moon" is available for streaming through Brooklyn Vegan, Profound Lore's YouTube channel, and wherever else you stream music. Pre-order for vinyl, cd, digital download and streaming links are available below!!! Thank you all sooooooooooooooo much for your endless ;) support!


For their fifth full length “The Endless”, Denver, CO genre-defying progressive metal outfit DREADNOUGHT present their most spellbinding musical feature yet. With riveting vocal performances, ferocious grooves, and soaring synthesis, the quartet offers a familiarity to the melodic awe of previous records "Lifewoven" (2013) and "Bridging Realms"(2015) as well as the dark complexities within "A Wake In Sacred Waves" (2017) and "Emergence"(2019), but with a beautifully fresh perspective in writing, production, and performance. 

At its inception in 2012, Dreadnought’s four members, including guitarist/vocalist Kelly Schilling, drummer Jordan Clancy, bassist Kevin Handlon, and keyboardist/vocalist Lauren Vieira, strove for a project laser-focused on creativity and exploration, pulling from all aspects of their musical backgrounds to craft something exciting and unique. Joining in the common ground of extreme metal, the quartet explores a blend of prog, doom, folk, jazz, classical, black metal, and post rock. 

Thematically, “The Endless” departs from the familiar abstract of Dreadnought’s first four albums and dives into a relatable character arc about the human divide of light and suffering. It is an overture to the complexities of the proliferation of life, exploring the trail of choices that shape our world and our lives. It invites the question, can we overcome our nature and make higher minded choices to better humanity and our planet? Or are we lost in a never ending cycle of shadow? 

The album opener “Worlds Break” begins in a post-apocalyptic landscape, heeding our need for guidance in the direst of times. “Midnight Moon” leads the listener in trance, through depths of manipulation and fear. As we reach the title track “The Endless”, lush textures and crooning vocals place us among the pits of despair, shock, and loss. "Liminal Veil" offers a vast landscape of celestial drones and enthusiastic grooves, while "Gears of Violent Endurance" reminds us of our primal nature through great ferocity. 

In reaching the album closer "The Paradigm Mirror", the dust begins to settle yet a great tension remains, inviting us to reflect upon vicious cycles of the human experience and how we can escape them.



1. Worlds Break

2. Midnight Moon

3. The Endless

4. Liminal Veil

5. Gears of Violent Endurance

6. The Paradigm Mirror



Produced, mixed, and mastered by Pete de Boer of World Famous Studios in June 2021

Cover Art by Reza Afshar

Photos by Frank Guerra

Guest Synthesis by Clayton Cushman

Layout and Design by Shane McCarthy and Kelly Schilling

Additional border design by Gabriel Danilchik 


We will be supporting Elder on their North America headlining tour this summer alongside Ruby the Hatchet and Belzebong! Tickets are on sale now at We miss you all and can't wait to see you on the road! 

7/29 Colorado Springs CO @ Fritzy's

8/1 St Louis, MO @ The Ready Room

8/3 Brooklyn, NY @ Elsewhere 

8/4 Philadelphia, PA @ Underground Arts 

8/5 Pittsburgh, PA @ Mr. Smalls Funhouse 

8/6 Baltimore, MD @ Metro Gallery 

8/7 Charlottesville, VA @ Championship Brewing 

8/8 Raleigh, NC @ The Pour House 

8/9 Atlanta, GA @ The Earl 

8/10 Orlando, FL @ Will's Pub 

8/12 Houston, TX @ White Oak 

8/13 Austin, TX @ The Ballroom 

8/14 Fort Worth, TX @ Tulips 

8/16 Albuquerque, NM @ Sister Bar 

8/17 Phoenix, AZ @ The Rebel Lounge 

8/18 Las Vegas, NV @ Psycho Swim ** Elder only **

8/19 Las Vegas, NV @ Psycho Las Vegas **Dreadnought only** 

8/22 Boise, ID @ Neurolux 

8/23 Portland, OR @ Dante's 

8/24 Seattle, WA @ Substation 

8/26 Oakland, CA @ Starline Social Club 

8/27 Los Angeles, CA @ Catch One 

8/28 San Diego, CA @ Brick By Brick 

8/31 Denver, CO @ Hi-Dive 

9/2 St Paul, MN @ Turf Club 

9/3 Chicago, IL @ Reggies 

9/4 Detroit, MI @ Sanctuary 

9/5 Toronto, ON @ Velvet Underground 

9/6 Montréal, QC @ Les Foufounes Électriques 

9/7 Quebec City, QC @ L'Anti 

9/8 Portland, ME @ Geno's Rock Club 

9/9 Brattleboro, VT @ The Stone Church 

9/10 Boston, MA @ Middle East / Downstairs



6/21 Colorado Springs, CO @ 110 Below 
6/22 Denver, CO @ Hi Dive 
6/24 Milwaukee, WI @ Cactus Club 
6/25 Chicago, IL @ Subterranean Downstairs 
6/27 Boston, MA @ Hong Kong 
6/28 Brooklyn, NY @ Kingston 
6/29 Portland, ME @ Geno’s 

7/01 New Haven, CT @ Café Nine 
7/02 Philadelphia, PA @ Kung Fu Necktie 
7/03 Baltimore, MD @ Mero Gallery 
7/04 Richmond, VA @ Daddy’s Grotto Pool Party 
7/05 Lexington, KY @ Cosmic Charlies 
7/06 Saint Louis, MO @ Fubar 
7/07 Kansas City, MO @ Riot Room


"Adult Swim presents the second volume of their Metal Swim compilation series, with Metal Swim 2. 

Metal Swim 2 is a massive collection of songs gathered from an array of prominent artists from across the extreme music underworld. Spanning thrash metal, doom metal, and everything in between, the compilation features fifteen diverse, original, new tracks from Alien Weaponry, Akvan, Author & Punisher, Baroness, Botanist, Dark Castle, Dreadnought, Eyehategod, Kat Katz + Andy Gibbs from Thou, Nervosa, Oathbreaker, Sunn O))), The Body, Vile Creature, and Volahn. Metal Swim 2 is completed with striking cover art by comic book creator Becky Cloonan (Batman, The Punisher, Southern Cross). 

Metal Swim 2 is a digital-only, streaming-only compilation which will be streaming in its entirety for free next Friday, May 3rd at 

The track listing for the Metal Swim 2 compilation will be issued with the album stream next week."

For the full press release, visit EARSPLIT HERE

Curation by Laura Sterritt

Artwork by Becky Cloonan



6/14 Wilkes-Barre, PA @ Karl Hall + 
6/21 Colorado Springs, CO @ Triple Nickel 
6/22 Denver, CO @ Hi Dive (TrveDadFest) 
6/24 Milwaukee, WI @ Cactus Club 
6/25 Chicago, IL @ Subterranean Downstairs 
6/26 Detroit, MI @ Sanctuary 
6/27 Boston, MA @ Hong Kong 
6/28 Brooklyn, NY @ Kingsland 
6/29 Portland, ME @ Geno's 
7/01 New Haven, CT @ Cafe Nine * 
7/02 Philadelphia, PA @ Kung Fu Necktie *
7/03 Baltimore, MD @ Metro Gallery * 
7/04 Richmond, VA @ Wonderland *
7/05 Lexington, KY @ Cosmic Charlie's *
7/06 Saint Louis, MO @ Fubar *
7/07 Kansas City, MO @ Riot Room *

+ = Big Brave only 
* = Dreadnought only 

Tour dates brought to you by Heavy Talent 
Dreadnought artwork by Mark Facey


Artwork by Mark Facey

Photo by Alvino Salcedo

Stream / Share DREADNOUGHT’s “Besieged” At

Denver progressive doom alchemists DREADNOUGHT will release their anticipated new full-length, Emergence, on May 10th via Profound Lore. 

For their fourth long player, DREADNOUGHT follow-up their 2017 A Wake In Sacred Waves acclamation with an album that takes their singular multiplex and pictorial sound to new sonic realms even more heavily textile, complex, and vastly designed.  Emergence sees the four-piece — vocalist/guitarist/flute player Kelly Schilling, drummer/saxaphone player Jordan Clancy, keyboardist/vocalist Lauren Vieira, and bassist/mandolin player Kevin Handlon — delving more into heavier and darker sonic territory as well, an aspect that was evident with A Wake… but has become fully realized with Emergence. 

Engineered and mixed by Andy Patterson (Subrosa) and mastered by James Plotkin (Khanate), with art and design by Mark Facey Emergence will be released on CD, LP, and digital formats via with preorders to be available in the weeks to come. 

Emergence Track Listing: 
1. Besieged 
2. Still 
3. Pestilent 
4. Tempered 
5. The Waking Realm 

DREADNOUGHT have a host of live performances confirmed through the spring including an appearance at Psycho Smokeout in Los Angeles, California alongside Elder, Monolord, Belzebong and more, with additional shows in the plotting stages. 

3/22/2019 Fire In The Mountains Fundraiser @ Tooey’s Off Colfax – Denver, CO w/ Velnias, Wayfarer 
4/17/2019 Hi-Dive – Denver, CO w/ UADA, Cloak, Wormwitch 
4/20/2019 Psycho Smokeout @ Catch One – Los Angeles, CA 
4/21/2019 Club Red Mesa – Mesa, AZ w/ Monolord 
4/22/2019 Sister – Albuquerque, NM w/ Monolord 
5/26/2019 The Bluebird Theater – Denver, CO w/ Alien Weaponry 

There are a multitude of layers that establish DREADNOUGHT’s sound, making them one of the more unique sounding bands in today’s doom/dark/progressive metal circles. Comprised of a myriad of influences that seamlessly sew their sound together, from prog, doom, folk, jazz, classical/chamber, avant-garde, and even a little bit of black metal managing to find its way into DREADNOUGHT’s audial tapestry, Emergence is the culmination of the band’s continued development and evolution, one that began with 2013’s Lifewoven LP followed by 2015’s Bridging Realms and the aforementioned 2017 LP A Wake…. 

Thematically, Emergence resonates with elements of flame, tying together similar structures between the ancient connection of nature’s most destructive yet purifying forces and the human condition. Emergence‘s five tracks follow the realities of this age-old cycle of rebirth, beginning with chaotic annihilation of what is, and leaving behind nourishing ash to enrich what is to come., the realities of this age-old cycle of rebirth, beginning with chaotic annihilation of what is, and leaving behind nourishing ash to enrich what is to come. A new being arises from the smolder, forged by the fires of self-destruction and trials of every lifetime before it. 

With the ferocity of a wildfire, DREADNOUGHT opens the album with “Besieged” painting the connections of the catastrophic events of life with witnessing the Earth ablaze. In memoir of the countless losses in the immolation, “Still” is an interlude that pays tribute to the mourning of fleeting life and memories. “Pestilent” speaks to intense struggle that we as humans battle to choose reality in moments of tribulations as we attempt to escape and resist the decimation left in the fire’s wake. Wisdom granted through the labours of rebirth leaves who was once seen as the victim, the true victor by their willingness to witness a broader perspective of transformation. “Tempered” captures the essence of this enlightened perspective, named by the process of strengthening metal tools using fires, the once destructive flames are seen as a purifying method to cultivate new life. 

The dust settles upon a masterful being, one that has endured a renaissance with struggles of hellfire and gained a wealth of worldly knowledge. As we enter the final track, “The Waking Realm,” DREADNOUGHT leaves us with this universal pattern of nature to reflect on as the final echoes of the album fade. No matter what cycle of rebirth we are currently in, nature’s perfected design lends comfort to those embarking on the journey of transformation as light from the fires of our own hell will guide the path forward.

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