"Bridging Realms" - Best of 2015!

We are happy to share that Bridging Realms has been listed as one of the top albums of 2015 on multiple websites, zines, and personal blogs, some of which are listed below. Thank you to everyone who has supported us through this record. We are floored to know that our music is enjoyed to such a high degree!

Matt of Metal Injection's top 10

Bridging Realms = #1

"The raw talent of the band, and the passion behind the music resonates out of every soaring chord. With a wonderful sense of brutality and darkness mixed in with sensibilities that could even appeal to the most elitist of jazz or classical nerds ,Dreadnought have it all and are ready to change your world."

Daniel of Metal Injection's top 15

Bridging Realms = #11

It’s rare that I hear a doom band go so far off the rails with other instruments and styles while retaining such a heavy, lurching foundation. Easily my favorite doom record of the year."

Heavy Blog is Heavy Top 50

Bridging Realms = #19

"The ability to weave a grand tale but still keep the listener cognizant and aware is one which many, more “veteran” artists would kill for and Dreadnought wield it to great effect in this release." - Eden Kupermintz

Meat Mead Metal Top 20

Bridging Realms = #17

"From Lauren Viera’s great singing, to the fluttering flute work, to the progressive arrangements, to the way they take their time and let these songs develop and breathe, from listen one to listen 80, you can have a completely different experience with this album"

Chris Dahlberg of To Metal

Bridging Realms = #5

"Dreadnought’s clearly an ambitious group like so many of the others out there, but the difference is they have the technical ability to fully realize their ideas and that allows them to stand above so many of the other prog oriented bands."

Sludgelord: DIY Sonic 6

Bridging Realms = #2

"The cinematic scope of Dreadnought’s music sounds like it should take a small orchestra to perform it."

Sylvain Golvet: Les Albums De 2015

FRIWM: Essentials 2015